Nima Mirzai


(888) 788 DTLA (3852) x 103
(610) 517 4817

Originally an East Coast native, Nima Mirzai brings a fresh face to the Downtown LA residential real estate business. His compassion for others, disciplined work ethics, persistence, and commitment to serving clients have translated into highly successful business and real estate relationships. Building on the entrepreneurial experience he gained from owning and managing his own painting business, Nima majored in Finance during his studies at the University of Pittsburgh. He began his career in real estate as a Transaction Coordinator for Keller Williams, where he handled transactions for over 100 agents. At DTLA LIFE, Nima expertly utilizes that educational and professional background to evaluate markets, recognize trends, and foresee investment opportunities. His shrewd marketing, computer and Internet skills, social media expertise, and positive energy strategically enhance DTLA LIFE’s operations. Nima greatly enjoys working closely with motivated people in a one-on-one setting.


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